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In this blog post I am going to discuss O2 Ireland’s presence on Facebook; the biggest social networking site in the world according to the amount of active users the site receives per month. According to the latest eBizMBA Rank, Facebook received approximately 900,000,000 monthly visitors to the site. This can be compared to its nearest competitor, Twitter who only received approximately 310,000,000 monthly users to its site. The evidence is there that Facebook remains the biggest social networking site, a long way ahead of its close counterparts.

O2 Ireland’s presence on Facebook is considerably larger than its existence on other social media and networking platforms. As of this date, O2 Ireland currently has 86,492 “likes” on its main flagship Facebook page. This page is where an individual would go to find everything O2 related. Within the page, there are different features available to the user to explore of which I have taken a screenshot of as seen below:

o2 Facebook page

 By clicking on any of the icons a user can navigate easily to their chosen area.

The page itself is full of recent activity. The company makes the conscious effort to post at least once a day with posts being varied. The posts include information from O2 Priority Moments which is another of O2’s websites which I will talk about later on in the blog series. The posts also include competitions, O2’s products, Concerts and information about Ireland’s rugby team who O2 Ireland sponsor. Those people who “like” O2’s Facebook page will be able to see all of these posts and comment on them if they would like to.

People are able to post to the Facebook page which is done quite regularly. Facebook users who are also O2’s customers often post their queries and opinions to their wall. Facebook users who are also interested in joining the O2 network can post their questions here and receive information as well. O2 agents reply to the messages and provide assistance in any way they can usually swiftly. In my opinion this is a great communicative tool as it enables a two-way conversation between O2 Ireland as a business and its customers. It is also particularly helpful to those who loathe customer helplines and the waiting time that is usually expected with these assistance outlets.

o2 logo

To summarise, I think that O2’s Facebook page is an excellent social media platform in relation to being both informative and consistent. Information can be obtained easily by clicking on the links displayed on the page and the company also posts every other day on a variety of topics which interest O2 customers. By posting regularly, O2 Ireland are trying to remain relevant in the world of social media and digital marketing. This can also bring the company to the attention of customers who may be newbies on the social media scene and potential new customers.

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